My Work

the aerospace corporation

  • Science Feature (2021): A piece about how Aerospace supported NASA’s Lucy mission, which will be the first mission to explore Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.
  • Science Feature (2021): A piece about how Aerospace engineers are developing sensors able to monitor the Earth during the day and night.
  • Science Feature (2021): A piece about how Aerospace tapped into existing micropropulsion knowledge to help fuel a payload nearing launch during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Science Feature (2021): A piece looking at the various Aerospace facilities dedicated to testing different propulsion systems—from chemical to electric.
  • Science Feature (2021): Debris is an ongoing issue within the space environment. This piece examines an innovative solution to the growing problem.
  • Science Feature (2021): A piece looking at how a team of engineers and scientists are thinking outside the (CubeSat) box with DiskSat.


  • Science Feature (2020): A piece celebrating the 15 years of excellent science NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory has provided.

  • Tumblr Post (2020): Answering some of the most common question surrounding NASA’s Swift satellite.

  • Holiday Tweets (2020): Brainstormed and created tweets for the @NASAUniverse account. This content aligned with national and fun holidays such as National Pet Day or National Citizen Science Day.

  • The Hubble Story page (2019): Updated text to reflect the current status of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

  • Science Feature (2018): Covering the upcoming launch of a sounding rocket which hoped to provide an in-depth analysis of supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

  • Tumblr Post (2018): Explaining multimessenger astronomy and why it’s a big deal. This product aligned with the National Science Foundation’s announcement of detecting light and neutrinos from the same cosmic event.

  • Social Story (2018): A series of short video clips which explained what multimessenger astronomy is and why it’s significant. These videos appeared on NASA’s Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram story.

  • Pulsar Week (2018): A series of tweets focusing on pulsars, neutron stars which emit radiation.

  • General “Evergreen” Tweets (2018): Brainstormed and created tweets for @NASABlueshift (now @NASAUniverse).

Gettysburg College & The Eisenhower Institute

  • A Hike About Ike (2019): A reflection of the National Park Ranger-led tour of significant places connected to Dwight Eisenhower in Gettysburg.